About me

I am a Senior Research Scientist at ServiceNow in Montréal, Canada, where I do research at the intersection of causal inference and reinforcement learning. I am an adjunct professor at Polytechnique Montreal (by courtesy), and an associate member of the Mila research institute.

I am fascinated by the question of artificial intelligence: can we build machines that think? I humbly believe that our attempts at designing thinking machines can be a path towards a fundamental understanding of intelligence and of ourselves. Currently I am interested in questioning if and how ideas from the field of causality can help in the design of autonomous learning agents.

  • leveraging confounded data in offline RL (see our recent paper and my talk on causal RL)
  • counterfactual reasoning in RL

I am proud to serve the scientific community, and I have been rewarded NeurIPS 2019 best reviewer (top 40%), ICML 2020 best reviewer (top 30%), NeurIPS 2020 top reviewer (top 10%), ICLR 2021 outstanding reviewer (top 10%), ICML 2021 expert reviewer, and NeurIPS 2022 top reviewer (top 10%).